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The tunnel camps.

580€ per hour

The package includes:

  • tunnel time.

  • coaching

The camps are held in the ISG tunnel Fööni, in Helsinki. 

And your coach is me, Bjørnar Knutsen. I have more then 10 years experience as a coach. 

Accommodation we decide together, either I help organize a place for you to live together, close to the tunnel. Or you make your own decisions on accommodation. 


Prices, and Calendar.



The pricing for coaching is 180€ per hour. 
You can get discounts if you buy more time:

  • 160€ pr h. above 10 hours

(To be used in about 6 months)



About me, and some theory on flying.



My name is Bjørnar Knutsen, and I have been doing this tunnel flying stuff for a while now, and it is still great!

I did my first tunnel flight in 2010, and I fell in love right away...... So I sold my house :D and decided to start flying. (Wow, that has the ability to make me sound really stupid!)
Now I have been coaching and organizing camps for 10 years, 
If I would have to guess on my amount of time in the tunnel, I would say around 2000 hours (but really I have no clue). 

My focus is mainly on coaching and organizing camps. I really like the process of teaching, it fascinates me. And I love the community feeling we have as a group on camps. 
I am a big promoter of people sharing more time, I think we can fly more for less. 
And I like to keep it safe, instead of risky. More risk doesn't mean more learning in my eyes.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blabla :) hope to see you somewhere soon!

Here is some theory on dynamic flying in case your interested


Thank you for your time!