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My name is Bjørnar Knutsen, and I have been doing this tunnel flying stuff for a while now, and it is still great!

I did my first tunnel flight in 2010, and I fell in love right away...... So I sold my house :o and decided to start flying. (Wow, that has the ability to make me sound really stupid!)
Now I have been coaching and organising camps for 5-6 years, and I have worked a couple of years for tunnels taking first timers, and coaching flyers. 
If I would have to guess on my tunneltime I would say around 2000 hours (but really I have no clue). 

My focus is mainly on coaching and organising camps. I really like the process of teaching, it fascinates me. And I love the community feeling we have as a group on camps. 
I am a big promoter of people sharing more time, I think we can fly more for less. 
And I like to keep it safe, instead of risky. More risk doesn't mean more learning in my eyes.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blabla :) hope to see you somewhere soon!


Flystation St Petersburg in Russia

270/310  per hour day/night

450/490 including coaching


If you buy 10 hours you get 1 for free


If you commit to 10 hours coaching as well you get it for  between


VossVind in Norway

300 per hour

480 including coaching

If you commit to 10 hours coaching as well you get it for 4600

Under 500


10h package


10h package

Under 700

Flyspot Katowice in Poland

450  per hour

630 including coaching.


If you buy packages you get accomodation, food, and flight tickets. here is a link


If you commit to 10 hours coaching as well you get it for 6200

Flystation Munich in Germany

450 per hour

630 including coaching

If you commit to 10 hours coaching as well you get it for 6200


10h package


10h package



Here are the existing camps at the moment.

If you can not find one that fits you, just send me the dates that work for you, and I will get started on setting up a camp for you. 

March 6-7 Russia


March 23 - April 5 Finland

Gonna be in Finland this week, so available for coaching at Fööni, or Sirius if it is open by then.....

April 7-11 Russia


April 7-11 Poland

Flyspot time, going to Katowice, and again, can take one more student :) 

April 26- May 1 

VossVind again, super prices there now. 




Here is some theory on dynamic flying in case your interested

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